About Myron Sugerman

2nd Generation Gangster from the New Jersey Mob

The world leader in illegal slot machines, hunts nazis for a hobby.

True Life Account from the Mob

Having been born into 2nd generation crime family, just after the prohibition era, part of the National Crime Syndicate and the Italian & Jewish mob, Myron Sugerman, was born in 1938 in Newark, New Jersey and is the only remaining gangster of his time. He’s a one-of-a-kind outlaw who is still standing and carries the only true and first-hand account of his amazing lifetime endeavours and achievements.

His father Bernie “Sugie” Sugerman was the partner of Abe Green, and one of the leaders of the Jewish Mob, that included Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Seigel and Arthur Rothstein. After initially making their racketeering money by illegally smuggling and supplying alcohol during the prohibition days, they quickly moved onto the illegal gaming business.

Known for his fair but strong actions, Myron soon partnered with Simon Weisenthal, the famed Nazi hunter in the pursuit of Nazi War Criminals.

At the age of 83, after surviving covid twice in the last six months, Myron is the last man standing and still raring to go.

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The Last Jewish Gangster

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Last Man Standing of the Jewish Mob

At 83 Years Old, Myron recalls every detail from his colorful and eventful past, as part of the Jewish mob and joining suits with the famed Nazi hunter, Simon Wiezenthal.

  • Born & Raised in Newark, NJ - A 2nd Generation Gangster
  • Big Bosses of Illegal Slot Business
  • Proud Jew working directly for Meyer Lansky
  • Firsthand story of minutemen fighting US nazi bund
  • Myron's journey across the world selling slots
  • Partnering with Simon Weizenthal the Nazi Hunter
  • Connected to all in the Jewish & Italian mob
  • 83 Years Old, the true Last Man Standing

Myron's book is an entertaining, informative, historical and mind boggling account of his life and experiences. For a personal signed copy fill out the form below. Documentary Film will be released by Impossible Media in 2021.

As a proud Jew, Myron was a lifetime member of the Jewish Mob, who worked directly for Meyer Lansky and Doc Stacher, and helped to forge strong relations with Charlie “Lucky” Luciano and the Italian Mob. They also collaborated in order to bring protection to the local Jewish communities from regular attacks from the American National “Bund” Nazi Party and its followers.

Known for his keen charm, energy, multi-lingual abilities and his fair hand, Myron is a legend of his time, and played a key role in hunting down and finding Nazi War criminals and protecting Jewish interests both in the US and abroad.

Due to his firm but fair negotiating skills, Myron was often placed as the deal maker for the Mob, and head of the ‘sit-downs’ between the mob counterparts. Also strong in his demeanour and firm in his actions, he was known for always acting in a fair and amicable manner.

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